Sunday, 24 June 2012

That Man Has Funny Hair, Drunk by 2pm & Giant LEGO

Yesterday was a whirlwind day for us.  It really only started out with plans to head down to Fort York downtown, to see if it was an acceptable wedding venue.  (the answer is yes)  That turned into a stopover at the Steamwhistle Brewery for a tour and free beer- a favourite activity of ours.  And continued into a fantastic weekend spent together.  That doesn't happen all that often because Brandon works shift work, and gets mostly weekend shifts, where I have a "typical" 9-5 job Monday through Friday.  So we spent great time together and enjoyed our weekend activities.

It started while riding the subway, sitting, minding our own business, probably discussing something profound and important we hear a little (but loud) voice yell across the aisle, "THAT MAN HAS FUNNY HAIR!", followed by a small finger pointing towards Brandon.

In case you didn't see in our photos from my birthday and engagement party, Brandon has cut his hair into a mohawk of sorts.

This young boy thought it was hilarious that Brandon's hair had chicken-like qualities (ok he didn't say that- but I can only imagine that's what he was thinking from his yet to be educated mind). Naturally, I laughed and so did Brandon, who also spoke to the kid and acknowledged his hair as being funny. His dad told us that the week prior the little boy had seen a man who had a long beard but no moustache. The little boy pointed at that man and said, "that man forgot his moustache!". While hilarious for us, potentially mortifying for his dad, I commend this kid for saying what he thinks! Good for him. Perhaps the pointing could be a problem later in life, but keep up the honesty kid!

Also on the subway, we saw Colin Farrell's Mexican cousin, Cortez Farrelle!  Brandon says he should be in a movie called "Tele-phone Boothe".  I considered taking a photo, but posting pictures of random people on the Internet tends to be frowned upon.

We arrived at Fort York and headed in to see the potential wedding venue.  Quick tip: apparently if you tell places that you're considering their venue as being a place for your wedding, they'll give you free admission.  So not only did we get to check out the venue for our wedding, but also just got to enjoy the grounds.

I made an agreement with Brandon many months ago, that he must allow me to take minimum one picture of the two of us (or at least him) during any outing we go on.  Outings include anytime we have some sort of agenda to leave the home beyond going to family or friends' homes or work.  Brandon regrets this I'm sure, but a deal's a deal.  So this was the first attempt at our together picture:
Brandon's photography skills leave something to be desired.  So I tried: 

Doesn't even look like it was a self portrait.  I know how to hide my arm and make it look natural.  Because sadly, I take too many of these pictures.

Walking back from Fort York, we decided to stop in at Steamwhistle Brewery.  This is probably our favourite brewery, though we enjoy visiting all sorts, and have been known to plan small trips just to visit various breweries.  If you've never been, it's usually an interesting tour with free beer.  And who doesn't enjoy free beer?
Brandon tries to ignore the camera
Until you get him drinking
This is Leroy the Steamwhistle kitty
I actually out drank him this time!

We did so much walking when we were downtown, then went out to a friend's birthday later in the evening and walked home.  Our feet felt like cement blocks this morning. 

Somehow today Brandon got another day off, so we made good use of the day.  Slept in, paid a visit to the comic book store to get the new edition of "The Shadow" and the onto Toys R Us.  "Why", you may ask? "You guys don't have kids.  You haven't mentioned any children's parties you're attending. Your niece/nephew isn't due to be born until the end of August."  Oh I'm aware.  We went so Brandon could get a new Mega Blocks kit.  Yup!  Brandon has started collecting Mega Blocks.  And not just any Mega Blocks- Halo Mega Blocks!  He's already got 2 smaller ones that I would consider regular sized.  But this new one he got today is 12" long and 6" wide!  It's a huge vehicle.  It's a UNSC Warthog- Halo 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition.  Exciting, right?!

Brandon has been working on building this item for 3.5 hours already and still isn't done.  My part to helping was organizing the pieces by colour, size and style.

So, its been a wonderful and eventful weekend.  Something we haven't been able to appreciate in quite some time.  Now I must face the dreaded work week... wish me luck.

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