Thursday, 31 May 2012

My Spidey Sense is Tingling

It's funny the effect a spider can have on a room of people, isn't it?

Today, while home sick from work, Brandon, his sister and I were watching TV and just otherwise being lazy, when I spotted quite a large spider on the wall.  I, personally, don't have a problem with spiders.  That's not to say I'd like a spider to crawl on me or set up camp in my shoes, but when I see one, it's just another bug.

However, I seem to be the exception to the rule.  Almost anytime I am with people and a spider is present there is some sort of ordeal to do with the spider, getting rid of the spider or tracking the spider.  So, today when the spider was spotted on the wall, I should have known better than to mention it.  I should have kept my mouth shut and continued being lazy.  instead, I pointed it out to them, "wow look at that big-ass spider on the wall".  This began the commotion of whines, watching the spider as it traversed the walls and ceiling of the living room and the desperate requests for me to kill it.  There was a similar situation last night in my bedroom when a spider decided to propel itself from my ceiling down towards Brandon laying in bed.  I had to kill it, just so I could go back to sleep.

Jerry Seinfeld had a good point in his stand up comedy CD/DVD, "I'm Telling You for the Last Time", when he compares women pouring hot wax and ripping hair out by the root and yet still being afraid of a spider.  Check out the video here.

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  1. I learned from my accounting teacher that you are within 4 feet of a spider at all times. Also, you eat 3 spiders a year. LOL LOL Yes, this is what I learned in accounting last week. ~C