Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Love a Tree Day

Today a radio station informed me it is "Love a Tree Day". I'm all for loving the environment, in fact I even had a... heated discussion with a woman at work about plastic decomposition and the affects plastic has on the environment. (by the way she was wrong and I was able to prove this to her!) But, back on topic... I love the environment, I just don't know why we make special days for each day of the year. I wonder if I could compile a list of each special day of the year...? Nah. While that would be fun, I doubt it would be satisfying or a good use of my time. So let's leave it at the brainstorming level- feel free to leave a comment with a day of the year you know has been deemed special by the people that be. Twin day? Buy a car day? Feed your dog twice day?

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