Saturday, 26 May 2012

Fun with Siri

The other day, on the long, boring, frustrating commute home from work, my sister in law and I decided to have some fun with the iPhone 4S tool- Siri.  We tried to think of things to say to her that may be off the wall or at least make her respond in funny ways, so naturally the first thing we thought of was to tell her to fuck off. 
She (Siri) proceeded to condemn me for my language, "Shannon, there is no need for profanity" 

So my sister in law told her to to "go shit in your hand" (as is her standard insult when she doesn't like something)
Siri responded, "Shannon!  That language!"
So, my sister in law repeated her request, "Siri go shit in your hand"
To which Siri responded, "If you insist"

We asked her where to hide the dead bodies, and she gave us options: "Are you looking for funeral homes, landfills, metal quarries?"

When I worked with a communications company, and people purchased the iPhone 4S I had to demonstrate the various tools and features of the phone.  Of course, people loved Siri so I thought of fun ways to demonstrate her skills.  I often started with, "Siri, will I need an umbrella tomorrow in Toronto?" to which she would respond by showing me the 5-day forecast.  Customers would be impressed and see her value.  Of course, I had to then show her sense of humour.  So I would ask, "Siri, will you marry me?"  Siri would respond with one of two responses, "let's just be friends, ok?" or "that's not part of my user end agreement"  Customers loved this and it almost always sold them on the phone- among other great features.

In short- Siri provides entertainment.  Gooooo Apple!

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