Monday, 7 May 2012

Lewis Vatton

As I was walking through the mall which connects to my office building today, I saw a woman coming from the subway doors dragging her Louis Vuitton roller suitcase.  Something like this picture here- sans small annoying dog carrier.
 I'd like to make a few notes on this sighting.

Why do people pay upwards of $2000 for a suitcase just because it has the name and symbol of Louis Vuitton?  I'm not against all brand names, it just seems excessive for a piece of luggage which will ultimately be hastily thrown into the undercarriage of the airplane.  Have you seen those guys just whip your bag off their elongated golf cart into the airplane?  They don't care if that bag is Louis Vuitton or Walmart's George brand! 
Assuming, however, this woman did not come from a plane, why would you take it on the dirty subway of Toronto?  People aren't impressed.
Finally, as this obviously high class woman was walking through the mall with panache and her $2000 bag, the wheel caught on something and it looked like it broke. ....  I don't always wish strangers ill will.  OK, maybe more often than I should.  But really... this woman wanted to be noticed (and I guess it worked) and she wanted to be seen with her "high class" bag and for what, people to envy her?  Not gonna happen from this gal right here.  So when I saw her wheel broke, I snickered... as quietly as possible, but I think it was louder than intended.

All of this to say, I have decided to name my navy blue Bently plain old boring suitcase, Lewis Vatton in memory of that woman's poor, way too expensive bag which today lost it's wheel.

Lewis and I must now find a place to go, so I can request that Brandon refer to him by his given name- Lewis!

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