Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Hourglass (or pinwheel for me)

Otherwise known as: The Delayed Response

By now, of you're an avid reader, you know Brandon plays World of Warcraft (whether or not this makes him a "wieney" or not is still an ongoing debate).  There are many times I am patiently being a wonderful girlfriend and occupying my time (Internet-less at his parents' house- as they have no wifi) reading books, playing with the dogs, doing laundry and often times just bugging him like the inner 10 year old I am.

I'll begin with a story of some kind, or maybe a question: "what plans do we have for the day?" for example.


"Hmmm ok", I think, "he must not have heard me".  So I ask again, "do we have anything planned for today?  Anything you need to do?".


Now I know, it's not that he isn't hearing me, it's more that he isn't listening to me.  Because he is so involved with Orcs, goblins, quests, spells, auctions and winning "Toblerone" (unfortunately NOT the chocolatey treat).  So I wait.  I try to occupy myself in some way.  Fast forward between 30 seconds to 4 minutes.

"what? oh. ya. we have to go grocery shopping" the mumbled, gurgley voice of Brandon who hasn't spoken in hours, finally speaks and somehow remembers my question and answers it.  So now, I just try to ask my questions 30 seconds- 4 minutes ahead of time. Ahhh, you see I'm learning!

A memorable scene from a favourite show of mine, "The Big Bang Theory" demonstrates the above scenario perfectly, and proves it's not just Brandon.

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