Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What's Going On?

In at least one of my recent posts, I've alluded to some drastic changes that Brandon and I are experiencing and I haven't had time (and still don't really) to fill you in. 

We're Moving!

Although our lease technically isn't complete yet, with Brandon working and living back in his home town, and me living here it's been tough to see each other, care for our dogs in separate houses and organize our lives.  So, we made the decision to....gulp... move back in with our parents temporarily.  Why?  To save up the money we've been spending on rent, and put it towards a down payment on a home of our own.  Yay!  Home ownership!  I've been ready to buy a house for years, and 4 years ago I was in the process of beginning my home search.  Then I decided to go back to school and paying for school and house just wasn't feasible for me.  I'm very excited to begin looking for our first home, though I think it makes Brandon a bit nervous.  (I always see those couples on HGTV and laugh- now it's me and my guy in the same position)

We're definitely going to be looking for a home that has income property potential, preferably already completed with minor renos or updates required.  His dad is a handy man in regards to house improvements, so I'm sure we can enlist his help and education.  I would love if we could be on "Income Property" with Scott McGillvray from HGTV (yes I love that channel), so maybe once we have our down payment all stored up I'll go ahead and apply (much to Brandon's chagrin).

I got a new job!

Goodbye telecommunications company, various shift-work retail world and crappy boss.  Hello full-time 9-5, office job with fun, professional people who actually enjoy working.  What?  Yup- they all get along and enjoy working together.  It's only my second day and I have a company cell phone, a desk with a window, all the free office supplies I could need (and an inside relationship to the office administrator who orders said office supplies), and tomorrow is a paid for team lunch.  It's nice to be in a fun environment where people want to be and work together.  Still lots to learn and people to get to know, but it's refreshing to be outside of a uniform and have my own responsibilities and area.  Oh- I didn't even mention what I will be doing: I'm a recruitment sourcer.  Yay!  Let me know if you need a job.  Though I mostly work with the large banks of Canada.

Needless to say, there's a lot going on with Brandon not living here right now, working a new job and commuting a bit farther than I have been, making all the meals, packing the entire apartment up, organizing what boxes we will open when we move home and which ones will stay packed until we buy our place, plus cleaning everything before the new tenants move in.  It's hectic to say the least and it's a tad stressful.  But Brandon calms me down and tells me it will work out.

We're busy little beavers here.

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