Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is Brandon's 25th birthday!!! Yay quarter of a century!

He's not so pumped but we all must get older.
So, we both took today off work and decided to drive nearly 2 hours away to visit his favourite museum, the Canadian Heritage Warplane Museum in Hamilton. He was excited to get in and see the planes he hasn't seen in almost a year. We approach the museum, after a slight detour based on poor navigating or poor driving (depending who you talk to!) and Brandon tries to open the door. It's locked.

He tries again. Still locked. So I walk up to the door (surely I can open it!). Nope. I look at the blue sign on the door "closed for the day sorry for the inconvenience"


We drove all this way for... A closed museum? Not cool. Brandon was beyond disappointed and it now became my job to somehow save his birthday.
We found a model shop (that sells model airplanes- NOT tall, good looking women) so he could peruse around there and then stopped in at our local comic book store so he could pick up a couple editions of his current read: The Boys. While there of course he saw a WoW figurine "Hellacream" so he got that, and we enjoy board games- so we picked up a Walking Dead board game.

We came home did some unpacking (more on that in another post) and played a few rounds of our new game, got Brandon's new figurine (read:doll) on the shelf and Brandon read his new comics.

I hope it turned out to be a good 25th birthday after all.

Happy 25th Birthday Brandon! I love you!

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