Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Why Living Alone is Bad for My Blog

This blog began, in jest, as a plight for my survival against living with men boys.  And, when I began, I had lots of material.  I had been stock piling for months, possibly years.  But now, Brandon is gone for many days of the week and my inspiration has gone with him.  He provided me with such great material, and now it isn't as plentiful.  Meaning I cling to the little things I then realize aren't quite as impactful or funny once I begin writing.  Therefore, until my boyfriend and I are, once again, living together full time, I am adding a segment to this blog called "Eco Econ".

This segment will discuss environmentally friendly ways to help the environment while not breaking the bank.  We all see those ads out there claiming to have fantastic environmentally friendly products and then when you do a bit more research and check the pricing, it's so far out of reality you feel badly about then turning around and going for your 2 hour luxury drive through the country- spewing fumes and toxins into the air.  Oh, is that just me?

I am a budget gal.  I like making them.  I like keeping to them.  I enjoy cheap inexpensive (thank you Brandon for the terminology correction) items.  The less expensive the item is, the more I feel I should buy it.  Sales and discounts are a killer for me.  But, my frugal lifestyle and my eco-warrior lifestyle don't always see eye-to-eye.  Organic toothpaste: $16.  Shannon's wallet: $5.  Do you see the problem?

So, this made me think there has to be other people out there interested in loving the environment and being more socially conscious about their purchases, who also cannot spend ridiculous amounts of money on such items.  I know it is possible to be environmentally aware and keep within budget.  Actually many of the ideas I will give you are FREE!  That's right folks- F.R.E.E.

So stay tuned to the blog for some Eco Econ...and of course the blog genesis of the mantics!

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