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It's April 22nd, but for me, more important than the date, is the day... Earth Day!  I love Earth Day, partially because media everywhere are bringing awareness to the environment (flyers advertising free coniferous trees when you buy an eco-friendly product from Home Depot make me want to go find something to buy!) and partially because I get to talk about it!  Yay!  Educating people on environmental awareness in such a way which does not cause them to fall over, or asleep, with boredom is my main objective.
So, what better way than to post my first post to my virgin segment? (there isn't one)


As stated before I got incredibly busy getting ready to move and start a new job (more on that later), this new blog segment is going to showcase some of the best environmentally responsible products, that don't have the ridiculously high prices that many eco products adorn themselves with.  It is possible to be green and stay within a budget.  (Sorry Kermit, but sometimes it is easy to be green!)  It will also provide you with easy, free ideas at home you can help keep this earth around as long as possible.

So, for those out there who are budget conscious AND eco-conscious, I present to you my blog segments.  I'm hoping to provide some useful information to those out there who don't know where to start, or who have the misconception that it's too expensive to be an eco warrior (my brother).  False.

One of the easiest ways to start being more environmentally conscious is to start with the small items that don't cost a thing.  (Right up my alley!)  There are lots of small things around your own home that will help the environment thrive with your extra helping hand.  Here's a small compiled list:

  • Before you open the fridge or freezer door, decide what you want to take out of it.  Keeping the fridge door open wastes a lot of electricity & energy.  Why?  Because the cold air that fills the fridge is escaping through the gianormous opening you've just created!  Close it!  Hurry up!
  • Unplug unused electronics.  So often we keep electronics plugged in for convenience, but don't use them.  There are some, I understand, that must always stay plugged in for clocks and memories etc. But how about that Wii that's only played once a month?  Or the phone charger that waits all day, plugged in, for you to return home with a dying, beeping phone? So unplug them while you aren't using them and leave them near the outlet to still keep some convenience. 
  • Vehicles- so often in our Canadian winters people want to drive to work in a nice warm car, however turning on your car and letting it idle while you're still indoors getting ready, pumps a lot of pollution out into our atmosphere for no other reason except our own comfort on our way to work or school. And if comfort is of value to you, is breathing clean air not important to remain comfortable?
    In Toronto, and surrounding areas, we have "idle free" zones. This is a good rule of thumb regardless of your location or whether it is enforced by law or not. Another big offender is the idling car while waiting to pick kids up from school or waiting in someone's driveway to head out to a movie etc.. Turn the engine off and help our air to be cleaner and safer for our use.

    Also in regards to vehicles, try to take the highways whenever possible. Why bother when it's only 2 exits over? Less stopping for lights and stop signs means less gas used (also a benefit in today's increasing oil prices!) and less time you're pumping toxins into the air. I'm not going to say never use vehicles for personal use, in this day of age its almost a necessary evil. However, there are smarter ways to utilize these tools and still remain as Eco friendly as possible.
  • An easy-peasy, lemon-squeezey Eco friendly initiative at home is turning off lights. I'd never suggest being unsafe, but after you've gone to sleep does your front light need to be on? When it's daytime, do you need that ceiling light on? Can you turn on a smaller lamp to provide the light you need instead of that ceiling light burning 4 light bulbs? All easy alternatives that help both your electricity bill and the environment! Win-win
  • When you brush your teeth- turn off the water. And when you must turn on the water (anytime) turn it on minimally. Why do you need it on full blast just to rinse your toothbrush or to wash your hands?

    These are all super easy steps in your daily life to reduce your carbon footprint, save money and feel better about your actions. 
Yay Earth Day!

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