Tuesday, 10 April 2012

PC vs. Mac

Brandon is a PC guy and HATES Mac and everything they stand for.

I am a Mac gal and can't stand using PCs, and wouldn't buy a PC again.

Brandon believes I am brainwashed, and oft makes fun of my old and slow Macbook and the fact it may take it a little bit of extra time to open Internet windows or files.  But it does it.  Do we get rid of old people just because they're slower?  Though I'm sure some people would like to, I would hope the answer is no.

Anyhow, many arguments have begun with the Mac vs. PC debate.

Well... guess who's computer needed to be restored to factory settings this morning?  No, not mine.  Would I really write a blog post about how I was wrong in the Mac vs PC debate?  Nope!  So Brandon's computer had to be restored.  His mighty PC has decided to erase some content and multiple error codes appeared and essentially wiped out his desktop.  Let me point out that there was a time last year when Brandon accused me of breaking his old laptop.  See that post here.  That old laptop had the same issue I just described his NEW laptop as having.  And I haven't touched his new laptop.  Are you seeing my point here?  I never broke his old laptop!


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