Sunday, 8 April 2012

"Look at how big my shoulder pads are!"

Recently, Brandon decided he no longer wanted to be a cute little Goblin in World of Warcraft.  Instead he thought being an Orc was a more suitable race to represent his character.  I disagree, as I think the Goblin was much cuter.  He says that's not what he's going for- cute.  He wants big and badass.

Let me remind you who Verbosa used to be:  WoW at Your Fingertips

Now let me introduce the new Verbosa:

More dangerous
More badass
Riding an Ostrich... in a pink dress.

I can't think of anything more badass than a large green being, riding an Ostrich (with fluffy tail included) in a ankle to wrist pink frilly dress.  Can you? 

As soon as he made his worthwhile payment of $20 USD to change races on his monthly paid for game, he was so excited.  His voice quickened and things like, "Look at how big my shoulder pads are now!" and "My mount is so much bigger compared to how he used to look".

I was much more excited about looking at houses and clothes online.

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