Wednesday, 4 April 2012

World Stray Animals Day

This post was scheduled to appear on April 4th (real World Stray Animals Day) but my account chose NOT to post.  So I'm posting it today!

Today is World Stray Animals Day!

There are millions of animals worldwide struggling to survive.  Pleading humans not to euthanize animals in need happens throughout many organizations all over, but today, April 4th (also my old family dog's birthday), is a day to recognize the needs of the stray animals.

I have only just been introduced to this day this year, via my dog-training hero, Cesar MilanHave I mentioned that I love that man and the training methods he uses?!  He's amazing!  I get his newsletter in my email often, and this one was of particular interest to me.  Animals bring so much joy (and work) to our lives, why not go help out a stray or homeless animal?

Many people think stray animals only consist of dogs and cats- but there are many larger and smaller animals that need help and homes too.  I encourage everyone to check out their local shelter or rescue organization for information on animals that need homes, volunteer opportunities and donation requests.  Have an extra leash your dog has grown out of or doesn't match her collar anymore?  Donate it.  Can you afford an extra bag of cat food while shopping?  Donate it.  Have a day off with nothing to do?  Donate it.  

Tauri, Tess & Gemini- breeder & only pet store pups
Let me admit that I have not always been an advocate for rescuing animals.  Not to say I discouraged people from doing it, I just had specific wants from an animal.  I'm pretty particular as to what I want, when I want it and how I'll make it happen.  I'm stubborn (Brandon will attest to this) and I acquired all but one of the 15+ dogs that I've owned/fostered/trained/bred throughout my life from breeders.  The other was an adorably cute and impossible to ignore pet store puppy. Both Hudson and Sarah are purebred, though Hudson was registered with the CKC and Sarah wasn't they are both great dogs.  I'm not knocking responsible and ethical breeders either.  They are great, and I have gotten many fantastic dogs from breeders.  But, more recently, I am seeing the advantage of rescuing a dog.  And many breeds have specific rescue groups meant directly for that breed.  I'm almost certain our next puppy will come from a human society or rescue group.

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