Wednesday, 9 May 2012

You Are So Wonderful To Me

In the past to weeks, working at my new job, moving out of our apartment and trying to settle into our parents’ houses… things have been a bit hectic.  I, as I often tend to do, have been stressed to the max and tired.  I never thought I could be more tired from working in an office all day, sitting down, than when I was on my feet all day in retail.  But I come home exhausted.  The commute is a new adjustment for me too- I’ve never worked this far, nor have I ever had to experience the joys of rush hour traffic.  (FYI if you are in a car near me when I am commuting- stay away and don’t drive like a fool- I may yell at you, flash you some hand gesture or just scream loudly in my car and probably look like a lunatic.
Anyhow, Brandon has been great.  It’s a good thing we both aren’t panic people, or there’d be no one to bring us back from the edge.  Last week, he made my lunch (and breakfast) before I left for work.  He didn’t work that day and still got up to ensure I had something to eat.  He packed up pizza from the night before and it had a few toppings I am not a fan of- which I generally take off before consuming.  When I opened my lunch, expecting to massacre the toppings, they were already gone.  Brandon had taken each topping off both slices of pizza for me!  Incredibly thoughtful.
Earlier this week, Brandon was using my car while I was at work (I carpool) and in the mid-afternoon he texted me and said “do you know what I’m doing right now?” and I assumed it was something to do with my super secretive birthday gift/event that he’s been teasing and harassing me with for almost a month now, so I responded back with some quip about my birthday gift.  Nope.  He was cleaning my car!  Not just removing the garbage… he full out cleaned it.  Removed garbage and random crap that has accumulated in my car over the past…um… year, maybe.  He vacuumed the carpets, dusted off the mats, cleaned the dash, cupholders and doors.  The car looks great (well as great as a 2001 Saturn can look…)
It’s these little things people often look over and don’t appreciate in life, and both these gestures made me so happy and appreciate just how wonderful my boyfriend really is!

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