Saturday, 5 May 2012

Eco Econ: eos Lip Balm

I saw this product many times before I actually picked one up for myself.  It always caught my eye because of it's egg-shaped container packaging and bright colours.  It was cute and stylish.  And I wanted to know what it was.  But it was always sealed.


Our bookstore, Chapters, tends to sell some more organic and natural items in their "home" type sections, and the eos lip balm kept staring back at me.  Finally, I read up on it and thought that I, the self proclaimed eco-warrior I am, should give it a go.

Product: eos summer fruit lip balm
Price: $6.00 CND
Location Purchased: Chapters Bookstore
Verdict: While I enjoy the fact that it is 100% natural and 95% organic, the price was my first hangup.  I can go to the local WalMart and buy 2 lip balms in a package of regular sized tubes for around $3-$5, this little egg (which seems to have a lot of product in it, mind you) cost me $6.  I think I've mentioned before, I'm a bit on the frugal side, so this purchase was hard to swallow.  But I figured, if it was a good product I wouldn't mind paying for it, and if it wasn't, well, a good learning experience- and something to blog about.
And so far, I'd say it turned out to be a good purchase.  I've been using it just a month or so now, and I still enjoy the packaging, the smell is scrumptious and the actual lip balm is good.  I won't say great, but good.  It nicely moisturizes my lips and keeps them soft.  My only criticism would be that I would prefer it had a bit more of a gloss sheen to it.  I know it isn't marketed as a lip gloss, but I feel like for $6 having some gloss would make it a worthwhile double duty product.  Then again, I'm sure adding a gloss to it would probably alter the 100% natural, 95% organic claim.
My final comment, is that while I adore the packaging of cute egg shape I worry that if I were out and about and had no purse, side satchel or any other kind of carrying bag- the round shape would make it more difficult to place in my pocket.  Not a deal breaker though. Just checking out their website, a few of the flavours come in stick form.  Not as cute, but practical. Good compromise, if needed.
Now, I'll just wait to see how long it lasts.  I am what I would consider an average to heavier user of lip balms, especially in colder and drier months.  If it lasts for me longer than a typical lip balm I may increase the rating and purchase another.

Final Rating: 7/10