Tuesday, 20 December 2011

5 Years Ago Letter to Me

This morning I checked my email and had one that had been sent from a website: www.futureme.org and my first instinct was to delete it thinking it was junk mail.  But I read it and it was a letter from myself... 5 years ago.  Let me tell you how crazy it is to read a letter about what was happening 5 years ago.  A lot changes- and some stays the same.  It was fun to read- so I wrote another one to myself... 5 years from today.  Brandon thinks it stupid and of course made fun of me, but asked to read both the one from 5 years ago and the one I wrote today to myself 5 years from now.  Secretly I know he wants to write one to himself in the future.  This is what I imagine his letter would say:

"Dear Future Me,

I am so fantastic right now!  I'm so good looking, 24 years old and living a wonderful life.  Plus I have a stellar, super fantastic girlfriend!  Video games are awesome- I play everyday and get all the achievements.  I rock!  My model airplane collection is growing and I hope by the time I read this 5 years from now I've got my collection completed.  .... "

OK, so this is probably not what he'd say at all... but it's what I like to tease him he'd say.

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