Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The After-Christmas Time

Brandon and I were very lucky this Christmas.  Lots of family and gifts and, of course, great food.  Some of the lovely gifts of note are: a mini cupcake maker, a surround sound system, a spice rack with accompanying spices, Under Armour workout clothes, an iPhone/iPod alarm clock docking station, homemade molasses horse treats, model airplanes, locking castors for our bed, XBox accessories, perfume, rawhide bones, a Pepe stuffie, Grey's Anatomy Season 7 DVD set, calendars, clothes, a salad spinner... among many other things.  (can you tell who's gifts belong to who?)

In this posting I'd like to discuss my mini cupcake maker, locking castors and my Grey's Anatomy DVD set (assuming you guessed correctly that these gifts were mine).  I hope you guessed that the rawhide and molasses treats belong to our dogs and my horse.   

My mini cupcake maker is adorable-pink even!

I can't wait to begin using it.  Little tiny cupcakes with less mess, less time in so much cuter of a baking facility!  There is also a mini cake ball maker- it makes, well, cake balls.  I think it's baby blue- still cute enough.  I know it's cheating- not "real" baking I guess.  But so convenient for quick and easy cupcakes.  I also got a cake decorating set- so I'll be ready to decorate these adorable cupcakes once they're ready.  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to show you how wonderful (or terrible) my decorating skills are.

The locking castors are an interesting story.  Our plastic, rolling castors are on a hardwood floor, so anytime we sit, lay down or breathe our bed moves.  Instead of my family understanding this, my grandmother...yes, my GRANDMOTHER, decides to announce in front of the rest of my family and friends, "they're for when you two get rowdy in your bed!".  I'm sorry-what?!  No, not what they're for!  (I mean, yes ok that will be helpful too- but not what we need them for!)  I'll have you all know, these castors that have locks are installed and are better than previous said castors.

I was very excited to open my Grey's Anatomy DVD set.  I had just rented the first two discs and now I owned it.  This completed my set- I already have seasons 1 through 6.  I will, of course, get all subsequent seasons also.  So I have begun watching all the episodes (again) and loving them.  I'm very much looking forward to the musical event episode.  So during my watching of episodes-between Brandon's grumblings of how stupid he thinks the show is- I notice something of interest.  Calle Torres and Mark Sloan (characters of the show) are showering in the morning chatting about their (not-so) recent breakups.  But that's not what makes this scene interesting to me, it's the toothbrush in Calle's the shower.  She brushes her teeth in the shower too!  See?  It's not so strange.  Brandon seems to think this concretes his beliefs that the show is stupid and that my brushing my teeth in the shower is abnormal.  Whatever.   He's wrong. 

The Christmas tree is down, the decorations have been boxed.  We did this upon arriving back home on Christmas Day.  I'm not one to rush the holidays away, but we had put up our Christmas tree so early (recall Whobalation) that I knew it had to come down soon-ish and I didn't want to have to wake up and face the looming work each day.  So I tackled it that night-as exhausted as I was.  So, Whobalation is over.  For this year.  Our living area has returned to normal setup which also makes the room seem much larger (however NOT in actuality larger).  It's kind of nice to have normal back.

And tonight, we got SNOW!  Horray!  I love snow.  I like how pretty it makes the trees look, and how it lines the street.  It's all very..."White Christmas".  Even though Christmas is over I was happy for the snow.  I even don't mind shoveling snow.  Granted, I am happy that this year, living in an apartment, there is no need for me to shovel.

My apartment area isn't quite this pretty...but almost.

I'd also like to mention that my computer, being very old and beginning to show its age, has decided to disallow the use of my delete/backspace button.  This has made my typing of this post slightly more difficult to complete than usual.  I believe this is an attempt to show me that I should be getting a new MacBook Pro.  But my lack of funds allows me to fulfill this prophecy.  I need a new one.  Please?!  MacBook Pro Goddess- can you please send me a MacBook Pro somehow?  I'm only asking for a 13" one- minimal specifications.  Please?  

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