Saturday, 10 December 2011

The "Good Story" Response

I've got a story.  It may be a short one, and it could be a bit longer.  But I have a story to tell.  So I'm telling Brandon my story and I can tell he's not really listening because I'm getting responses like, "uh" or "yaya", IF I get anything at all.  Those comments usually come when he's looking to hurry me up because he doesn't want to listen to me but also doesn't want me to get upset that he's not listening.  Because you know he is a very busy man- has to get back to his XBox friends after all!  The blow off isn't any better.
As I finish up the story (and his body movements are headed in the opposite direction I'm in) he's completely tuning out.  Now his eyes may be looking elsewhere, I may get a hand gesture to "hurry up" and he may even be taking steps out the door.  Finally, once I've given up and stopped talking he responds "ya good story".  Unimpressed.

1 comment:

  1. That's when you say something you want him to agree know what I'm talking about ;)