Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Loud, Angry Voice from the Living Room

I'll be getting ready for the day, maybe reading a book, surfing the Internet or perhaps writing a blog post and I'll hear a large and loud voice booming from the living room, "ARG! Stupid dumbass corner trolls!"  or some other obscenity!  Almost always he's yelling at some player on Modern Warfare 3 whom he doesn't agree with their actions.  Actually, it's ALWAYS at someone on MW3.  He's got all sorts of names and titles he calls these people who do certain things in the game he doesn't think is honest game play (more on that in another post).

This is also when he tends to practice his accents from different places.  Talking to his XBox friends or just harping on random players, I've heard a Boston, English, Australian, Russian and some indistinguishable accents.  Recently it's been the Boston accent because the other week he watched "The Town" and "The Departed" which take place in Boston- a town he loves.  So he repeats lines from the movies...over and over again.  Oh the power of XBox and all sorts of funny things it does.

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