Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I Love When He Talks To My Dog

 This is Hudson:

He's my 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog and he's fantastic!  OK so sometimes he does stupid things like, eating socks and tea towels.  But overall, he's great!

He's my baby right now. Since I don't have a real human baby, he's my baby. Brandon doesn't love Hudson like I do. Which I suppose is fine. He treats him nicely and takes care of him so it's good. But when Brandon is in an extra good mood he gets lovey and nice with Hudson. The baby talk and nice things he says all make me gush. I've since told him this and I believe sometimes he does it just so I get all mushy.

There are days he will tell Hudson how wonderful he is and how he loves him and I start to tear up. Like actual tears. It's definitely an off shoot of my dead daddy issues and my desire to see a father type figure with anything I love. ie my dog!

I love when he talks to my dog!

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