Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Living with Me: Part 2

Following my previous post of why it may not be as easy to live with me as I'd like to think it is, Brandon so nicely pointed out that there were in fact many other reasons I may not be easy to live with.  I think this was just in an attempt to humble me- I mean, why else would he make these things up?

Super Coordinated/Organized: I like to organize everything in my life.  Is that a flaw?  I don't think so.  Perhaps I can see how it may be a tad disruptive if I were to organize HIS things.  But really I'm only organizing my portion of things...oh, and sometimes things that he is involved in too.  My closet is colour coordinated.  My DVDs are alphabetized.  My books are organized by genre and size.  The kitchen cupboards are organized by type of food and what packaging it comes in.  All my paperwork is within filing cabinets by type.  I organize.

Perfectionist:  I strive for perfection, and I have all my life.  I am aware this is not always a good thing, because honestly, things will never be perfect.  So really, I'm striving for the unachievable.  Which means I never attain what I want.  I also place these unrealistic expectations onto others.  This doesn't bode well for them.  If I ask Brandon to do something, there are some days that I may have anxiety because he isn't doing it the way I think know it should be done.  When I tell him this... well it doesn't go well.  I once saw a quote that says, "you can ask me to do something for you, or you can tell me how you want something done.  But you can't ask me to do both."  I try to keep this in mind.  I'm not very good at living by this rule though.

My vast array of beauty products: I use the term "beauty products" loosely- as they don't really make me beautiful... but, I tend to have a lot of these products.  Perfumes, makeups, hair care, skin care, contact lens care, hair accessories, jewellery, and all the rest of it.  These products take up the entire span of our double dresser, but really isn't this expected when you live with a girl?

I bake often:  This wasn't a complaint he made in so many words, but he complains of eating "right" (is there a right way to eat?!) and I know my baking does not contribute to that. Oops.  But it's delicious!  As a friend of mine pointed out, the concerns we have as a 1st world country are...interesting.

Impatient:  I lack patience.  When someone in an interview asks what my weakness is, I always say patience!  Because when I get an idea, I want it to begin NOW!  Not in a day, a week, month or year.  NOW.  I realize this isn't always easy to live with.

All this being said, Brandon is a lucky ducky for getting to live with such a super awesome person like me!  I think he'd agree... right Brandon?


  1. I need to learn organization. My bills are thrown haphazardly in a kitchen drawer and my desk is in a disarray. It'd drive you nuts!

    Also, those beauty products? Who doesn't own them? But you're right - they don't make you beautiful. You already are without them! xo

  2. OMG!! Ok Shannon, sorry, you know I love you but....
    1)"My closet is colour coordinated" SERIOUSLY??
    2)"My vast array of beauty products" ummm ya! You carry a TRAVEL bag in your purse/knapsack daily. TRAVEL bag!! lol
    3)As for the baking....tell Brandon to eat the dam baking its Christmas. ;-) -C