Monday, 5 December 2011

Living with Me

First I want to mention how adorable our dogs are.  I know, stop being so mushy and girly.  But really, who can say they have dogs that cuddle together like this:

Living with Me...and why it may not be easy either
  • I'm particular: I like things a certain way...the right way (my way).  The dishwasher should be loaded back to front, the bed should be made each day and a fold of the comforter at the top to class it up a bit, lights should be turned off, towels should hang a certain way (some towels are for decorative use only).  The list could go on (as cataloged on this blog).  I have an idea of what I like in my mind, and I need people, well Brandon, to cooperate to achieve this.  I am fully aware some of these things are too particular...but that's how I like it.
  • I have a to-do list: I'm busy.  I make a to-do list almost every day.  It's how I get things done.  And I get great satisfaction from crossing each item off it.  This means when I have it in my head that I must complete a,b and c today and you throw in d I may get a bit discombobulated.  I also may get a wee bit stressed, ok more than a wee bit, if I feel like a,b and c aren't going to get done.
  • I plan everything: it's in my nature to do so.  Besides having a wedding & event planning business I've always planned everything.  As I child I planned what I would be doing as an adult, I planned what my friends would be doing, I planned what I thought the Prime Minister should be doing. Point is- I plan everything.  Don't mess with my plan either.  Thankfully, Brandon is pretty good at following the plan.
  • I'm stubborn: No one likes to be wrong, and I'll admit that sometimes it's hard for me to admit I was wrong (even if I know it).  Beyond being stubborn about being right, I'm just generally stubborn whether its getting the entire to-do list done in a certain amount of hours or staring down the dog.
There may be other things that make living with me not incredibly easy... but I doubt it :)

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