Saturday, 3 December 2011


Well the video games didn't cease for long.  Brandon was back on his XBox playing Modern WarFare 3 with his buddies doing their online gaming matches.  As I return from bringing in the dogs from outside I hear him proclaim, "Don't touch my pee pee".  A tad shocked I asked him why he'd be saying this to his online gaming friends.  This is the time when he told me about a gun they use for MW3 called a PP.

I have no idea what PP stands for- it must stand for something (let's hope).  After he turned his mic back on he continued with things like, "I have a red dot on my PP" ('cause he has some designation on his gun) and "you shot at my PP".  That was my cue to head to the bedroom and watch some TV- and write this blog post.

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