Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Laundry Experiment

The other day I went home to my mother's to do some baking for Christmas. (Which hasn't made it past this week, by the way.)  Anytime we go home to our parents' we take our laundry so we don't have to pay to use the machines in our building (which tear apart clothes anyway).  So I come home following a day of baking, laundering and feasting and bring the bag of clothes into our room.  Where it has sat for days.  I am usually the one to put it away, but this time I decided I was going to wait to see how long it would take for Brandon to a) mention it, b) put it away or c) wonder where some of his clothes were.

I thought we were close the other day when he had to get a shirt out of the bag to wear and he mentioned that it was wrinkly...but no action was taken.  Then we were going out later on and he was looking for a specific shirt, which was in the bag, but nope just removed the shirt and left the bag.  The following night I dumped the bag of clothes into the laundry basket- hoping he'd notice the change of location and perhaps take some action.  But again this didn't happen.  So there sits the laundry, waiting to be noticed.  I imagine some sad song playing in the background of some sappy movie about the laundry who just wanted a home.  It's starting to get to me, so I assume I'll end up being the one to put it away.  Or maybe I'll put his stuff in a box somewhere and when he goes looking for it I'll tell him the laundry fairy took it?  That sounds like too much work.  I'll put it away.

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  1. One time, I left my laundry in the dryer for a week. I would open the dryer, take out what I needed, and shut it again. I'm not proud.