Thursday, 12 July 2012

So this feminist walks into a bar...

I’m not a feminist. I am a woman, just not a feminist. I believe in rights for everyone, any gender, any race, any sexual preference. You do what you’re gonna’ do and I’ll do what I’m gonna’ do. But when I saw on my Twitter feed this morning a tweet from one of the large Toronto news teams, saying that Saudi Arabia is allowing women athletes to attend the Olympics for the first time, I was shocked.

What?! I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised, but I guess I just assumed all the countries of the world had jumped on the “women are equal” bandwagon. How self-centred of me. There are so many places around the world that don’t have equal rights for different members of the community, whether that be women, people of another skin colour, gays etc. Even here in North America, there are areas that don’t accept others. Look at all the work Ellen DeGeneres does for gay rights in California, and advocating for gay marriage. What does it really matter if 2 gay people want to get married to one another? How does it affect your life one way or another?

Recently, Anderson Cooper came “out” as gay. (For some reason I thought this was already common knowledge?) And, of course, media everywhere started covering the story. There were statements quoted by Anderson, opinion pieces, jokes… everyone spoke about it for a day…media news only lasts about a day if it’s popular these days. There was discussion whether he should have to come out to show he isn’t ashamed of his sexual orientation, whether he should be a spokesperson etc. What I don’t understand is, I don’t have to be a spokesperson for being straight. Being the celebrity that I am, I’m sure I would be the first to be asked if this were to happen. But it never would. Because straight is “normal”. I guess if celebrities feel it’s important to be a spokesperson for their belief, actions, or cause then that’s their prerogative. But I don’t understand why some people in the gay community think by him not coming out (publically) sooner, it meant he was ashamed or hiding it. So does that mean the fact we don’t hear much about Matt Damon or Steve Martin’s personal lives, they must be ashamed of being straight and the things they do? Do you see how ridiculous that is?

OK being all serious is boring… but seriously people, get your shit together and just let everyone be.

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