Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hey, Stop Playing Those Games! Oh... It's My Alarm

Have you ever blamed your spouse/significant other for a morning alarm clock sounding? ... Oh. You haven't? Well, I have.

Friday morning my alarm was going off on my phone to wake me up for work. But I recently changed my alarm tone because the noise from the 4 fans we have blasting in our rooms overpowered my previous alarm noise and I would sleep through it- bad news bears.  I haven’t completely gotten used to the new tone yet, so when I heard it going off Friday morning, being half asleep still, I thought Brandon was playing a game on his phone or Xbox. I kept trying to go back to sleep- still in my groggy state- thinking Brandon was being incredibly rude waking up so early to play games. 

At some point I decided I would wake up and be angry with him.  I remember thinking of my plan of attack prior to fully waking up… "first I’m going to spring up, then angrily ask, 'must you play these games now?!'" 
It was planned and it was going to be impactful and definitely make my point.  I counted to myself, "1...2...3...Go!"

As I began my spring upwards from my sleeping position I realized that Brandon was still sound asleep, and that noise that was incessantly blaring (ok, not really) was, in fact, my alarm.  Hmmm… my dramatic episode planning was no longer necessary or warranted.  Thankfully, I saved face as Brandon was still sleeping and had no idea I had this planned.  That is, until now.  Oops!

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