Thursday, 26 July 2012

I'm as Loved as a Halo Mega Bloks Kit!

Can you believe how lucky I am?  Please read this MSN chat for further details...

Brandon says: omg please please watch this
Shannon says: I'm watching- that thing is HUGE (that's what she said)

Brandon says: thats #1 on xmas list
Shannon says: can you imagine how long it would take you? your other one took like 5 hours!
find it online for sale
Brandon says: preorders are for august first, from toys r us
Shannon says: how much?

Brandon says: no idea lol

Shannon says: I'm sure like $300!

Brandon says: its not on websites yet, its available for pre order starting August first
Shannon says: an online forum speculates the suggested retail price to be 250 Euros! That's more than $300
Brandon says: I know I know- but its amazing

Shannon says: I didn't know you were this big into Halo haha it is pretty neat- but I imagine it's huge

Brandon says: look at it in front of the guy when the video is on, so awesome

Shannon says: yes yes I watched the video, is this the blog post inspiration?

Brandon says: no, i just thought that it was awesome...ugh <3

Shannon says: you feel the same way about a Mega Bloks kit as you do me?! 

Brandon says: I cant describe how my much my heart hurts because I now yearn for that should look it as I love you as much as I love Halo.. which is a whole bunch

Shannon says: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brandon!

Brandon says: I'd choose you if I had to pick obviously but in this reality.. I do not have to pick so I love both

Shannon says: oh...well thanks for the bode of confidence  you're a total loser! 

Brandon says: I'm not- why do you say mean things like that?

Shannon says: because you told me you love me as much as a Halo Mega Bloks kit!!!

Brandon says: just please love me

Shannon says: I do! as much as I love my Macbook Pro!

Now do you know why I'm marrying him?!

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  1. I like you like I like Nachos... and we all know how I feel about those bad boys...