Friday, 6 July 2012

Fake boobs are better than fake people

I think fake boobs, and their approval by people, depend on the generation and particular person you are speaking to. For example, ask a baby boomer who is now a mother and I would argue most of them would say they disapprove of fake boobs. But ask people currently in their mid-late 20s (what are we? Generation X? Y? ...some letter), and I think you'd find more acceptance.

I, for example, am fine with fake boobs, and would even consider getting them myself. There are many reasons women get fake boobs, from pure cosmetic to reconstruction following a medical procedure. And who cares as long as the woman got to decide for herself that it's something she wanted to do.

This brings me to the next portion of my post- fake people. You know them. You may work with them, or go to school with them.  Hell- they may even be part of your friends or family. They are everywhere, and inevitably we will meet them at some point in our lives. They laugh at every joke ever told to them (regardless of the humorous content)... "hahaha oh to get to the other side?! That's a thigh slapper!" they complement everyone on the same things "Joe your shoes are awesome! Hey Sue great shoes!" (for those of you who do this- it erases all sense of genuinity), they seem too happy (because secretly they aren't) "today while walking to work I slipped and broke my leg in 3 places- but that's ok, because I don't really like using my legs anyway".

This may sound very negative, but it's also very true. I would rather meet someone who is genuine and maybe not quite as happy-go-lucky, with unicorns shooting out of their asses. The person who can be realistic and still happy is the person that is most genuine. I'm not disputing there aren't many genuinely happy people, and that some of them can find happiness in any situation. I'm just saying those that are clearly fake... annoy the crap out of me. Plus fake people don't tend to have the same "bounce" that fake boobs have.

Thus fake boobs... Better than fake people!

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