Monday, 17 October 2011

Part Time Job: Clutter Buster

I'm a full-time student.  A part-time retail store sales associate.  AND a part-time Clutter Buster!

What is a Clutter Buster, you may ask?
Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities 
  • entering home and surveying each room for the most probable clutter
  • assessing clutter
  • prioritizing which clutter should be addressed, based on who may see it, if it's growing/living, if it currently has-or will have- a smell, whether dogs can/will access it
  • begin clearing clutter... BUST IT!
  • scold boys for AGAIN leaving their clutter around the house
  • keep the house free of clutter and acceptable for visitors and daily living
  • NOT feel anxious about amount of clutter 
  • preferably a woman (so the job is done right)
  • require little to no sleep, as to allow for constant clutter busting
  • patience dealing with men
  • some sort of education is preferred so as not to be discouraged in working this job forever (or as long as you live with a man)
  • n/a 
Now that you have a better understanding of what exactly a Clutter Buster is (you in fact may have just found out you, too, are a Clutter Buster!), you are able to assess the following "cases" of clutter.


Brandon's favourite clutter goal: see how many different places he can leave his clothes- of course NOT including the drawers or hamper.

on top of boxes upon moving in
on the nicely made bed (by me of course)

ahhhh.... on the floor right beside the bed! This is a common one
SO CLOSE to being in the right spot... just push it down INTO the hamper...

Another common clutter occurrence- dishes.  Very often used, very often not put away.
these are breakfast dishes... this picture was taken at 3pm.  Dishes still sitting on the table
beer bottles, cans, leftovers, plates, empty milk jug, dish cleaning tool...all NOT in their proper positions

dog food- please note the lid has been placed on the can- FANTASTIC!  Please also note it is not in the fridge... so close
dog food dispensing spoon- I should have taken a photo of the dishwasher which sits right next to the sink

not sure this counts as clutter- but is a garbage bin which hasn't been emptied in weeks- I guess I'm guilty in this one too.
An every morning clutter occurrence- the bed NOT being made until I go back into the room to do so- after fighting the urge I just must have a made bed before I leave the house

 I am the Clutter Buster.  I am NOT available for hire as I have far too much clutter busting to do in my own house.  However, should you ever need clutter busting tips- I'm your gal.  I've also got some great tips on how to suppress making the comments to the guilty clutter makers.

"How do men sort their laundry?

"Filthy" and Filthy but wearable"

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  1. How about the laundry basket full of shoes that was left in the middle of our bedroom floor for the first full 2 months we lived here? Infact you can see it underneath the fan box in the first pic! or your pile of clothes you keep on your side of the bed? or perhaps the dresser top space that is completely taken up by your hurricane ration like stash of hygiene and beauty products? Lets not forget the school locker that is our two couches that mainly house your book bag, your school books, your laptop and any blanket youve used in the last 3 days!