Friday, 14 October 2011

The Beginning

Well it's not technically the beginning I guess.  We've been living in our apartment for 2 months now, and it's lovely.  Great space, decent area, and well decorated...thanks to me :)
"We" consists of myself, my boyfriend, Brandon and our good friend, Doug (and our 2 large dogs-Sarah and Hudson).  That's correct- 2 boys.  In my house.  Living with me.  That's what this blog is all about.  Living...nay Surviving life with two men.

Before this blog starts to sound like my life is horrible, I must say I chose this living situation and I actually very much enjoy living with them.  So consider this blog more a chronicle of the idiosyncrasies that come along with living with men.

Let me begin with what inspired the title of this blog: living in a house with the toilet seats nearly always in the upward position.  For any of those who share in my situation of living with the male sex you will understand what I'm referring to.  At first it's not something you check for, and inevitably you end up falling into the gross, cold toilet bowl when you haven't paid any attention to whether that seat is up or down.  But quite quickly you get used to checking for it.  I am proud to say I can now drag myself to my bathroom in the night's darkness, leave the light off -so as not to wreak havoc on my eyes (or wake up Brandon)- and wave my arm around in the direction of the toilet to catch the lip of the toilet seat and gently place it down.  Into the proper position.  At least proper for me.

I've realized I am outnumbered in this house (even if we count the dogs).  So I suppose the toilet seat needs to be in the upward position more often than in the downward position.  But that doesn't make falling into that grimy, germ-infested toilet bowl any less terrible.  Especially for me- I hate germs!

Let's stay on the topic of bathrooms.  Eww.  I seem to have discovered men's messiest domain.  Understandable, considering the happenings within the bathroom.  Still, things I would have never considered.  Like, hair...everywhere.  Men complain about women's hair clogging up the drain.  But I'm here to tell you, my hair hasn't seen that drain since we've lived here.  Their hair is on everything.  The tub walls, the floor, the shower shelf, the toilet, the sink, the counter... everywhere.  Don't believe me?  Take a look.

Let's move on.  Onto the empties.  Inevitably items in the bathroom will become empty after use.  Toilet paper rolls.  Kleenex.  Shampoo & body wash bottles. Hand soap.  The opportunities are endless, and they keep finding new ones.  There is more to just having empty bottles, boxes and tubes though.  The empty process includes men leaving the empties in their usual spot...when they're full.  The natural next step (for a woman) would be to throw it away.  Not boys.  So far we've managed to have the following empties:
  • toilet paper- this one is a given in every male household
  • Kleenex box- just grab another box from the closet
  • body wash- it even continued to get in Brandon's way while showering, but remained on the shelf
  • mouth wash- dumped, but sat on the counter for 2 days before I gave in


That's all for now.  But trust me there are so many more things to talk about!

~Living with 2 men is crazy, but I remember it could always be worse.  I could live with 3.~

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