Sunday, 16 October 2011

Guys and the XBox

Let me set the scene of guys and their Xbox.
8am- wake up, eat breakfast, watch some TV
9am- text friends to see if they’ll be up and/or on Xbox Live soon
9:15am- turn on Xbox
9:16am- begin talking to friends on Xbox Live and load up game
9:17am- begin shooting, knifing and throwing grenades at the other guys on Xbox (many of who I assume have been up all night and/or woke up in the middle of the night to begin playing)
9:18am-12pm- continue shooting, knifing and throwing grenades at people
12:01pm- make lunch
12:03- eat lunch, meanwhile talking to the other guys on Xbox informing them he will be back online in just a minute or two
12:05pm- login to lobby of Xbox game and decide on which “map” to play with friends
12:06-5pm- continue playing and harassing other people on Xbox Live

5:10pm- girlfriend walks in the door and realizes her boyfriend has played Xbox for 8 hours while she was at work and will continue to play for the remainder of the evening.

In our humble abode we have 2 Xboxes.  And more recently, the 2nd one, which used to live in the “man den/airplane room” (more on that another day), has moved into the living room with the other Xbox.  In fact they sit on top of one another.  (see picture )  Now, depending on if you have a boyfriend/husband/brother/friend who also plays Xbox (or any other gaming console), you may not understand why TWO Xboxes are needed or why they would need to be in the same room. 

It’s all about the online gaming.  Where you can play with and against people from all over the world who are also wasting their time playing the same game.  Fun fun!  That’s right- you too could play with the person in the very next room…online!  Why play with them, sitting next to them?  That’s so Super Nintendo era.  Folks, we’ve moved on where you not only play games online but with people in your house- in other rooms.  This is apparently fun for guys.  I’m sure somewhere out there… maybe there are a couple girls who also like to play Xbox, but I’m going to guess that population is very small.  So for those girls who don’t understand it, you aren’t alone.

What is it that this stupid grey box has?  How can you play the same game over and over again and be entertained?  This is where I get lost in the matter.  Sure, maybe once…twice even could possibly be fun.  But really every day, all day, over and over again?  It’s the same mission- kill the bad guys, protect your team, win achievements.

It saddens me that I know as much as I do about Xbox and the games that are played on it.  It’s not something I’m happy is taking up a portion of my brain and memory…but when you live with 2 men, it becomes part of your life.

"God created men before women because you’re always supposed to have a rough draft before you create your final masterpiece."


  1. Jokes on you, I don't eat breakfast!

    (I totally put the toilet seat down, too)

  2. Id like to point out that harassing people begins at 9:15 am and continues on throughout the day; not just afer lunch till 5pm