Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Fridge

Let's talk about how the fridge SHOULD look and how it looks after boys have taken and replaced an item.
I realize I am an over-organized person who likes order.  But then there are basic "rules" of the fridge that should be followed.  Such as: large items and beverages belong on the top shelf, left overs and short tupperware items belong on the second shelf and milk, lettuce and large left overs belong on the bottom shelf.  The side of the door is intended for marinades, dressings, sauces, ketchup etc.  In our fridge eggs also belong in the side door.  Finally the crispers.  The left one holds our sandwich meats, cheeses and hotdogs (in other words all our processed crap).  The right one holds our fruits and veggies.  Here is a picture of how the fridge SHOULD look:
Beverages and large items on top shelf.  Small leftovers on the second shelf to the left and yogurts and short items, bottom shelf has the lettuce and some oranges that couldn't fit in the crisper.  Trust that the crispers are in good order with proper contents inside.  This is a good fridge in which you can find whatever it is you may be looking for at a quick pace and without wasting much cold air from the fridge.  However, THIS is how the fridge will generally look following a man rummaging through it:
If you are a man reading this you may think it looks similar.  But please notice all the small items which don't need to be on the top shelf.  The common occurrence in our house seems to be, whenever a man takes something out of the fridge, it is put back into the fridge on the TOP shelf.  It doesn't matter where they got it from, only matters that they place it back on the top shelf.


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