Wednesday, 26 September 2012

WTF Mac Gods?!

There haven't been a lot of blog posts lately, and I can't blame that entirely on what happened to my computer, because it's more recent, but it definitely hasn't made it easy.  Remember this post, where I finally got my new MacBook Pro?  And how excited I was, because I had waited sooooooooo long for it?!  Since then, I have been having a love affair with my MacBook Pro.  I absolutely LOVED that machine, more than I thought I could love any inanimate object.  So why the past tense?  Because of this:

About that much water was knocked all over my beautiful Macbook Pro.  Yup.  You read that right.  I'm not sure if you know what water does to component electronics?  Of course you do.  But if you don't, it ruins them.  As in destroys.  Kaput.  Finished.  Macbook go bye bye.
The only suggestion was to put my precious machine in a big ass bag of rice for the next 2 weeks in hopes the rice draws out enough moisture to somehow make the Mac God make it start working again.  I'm at 36 hours of no Mac, and typing on this lowly gaming PC Brandon calls a great computer, and it sucks!!!  Mac God- WHY?!?


  1. Let us know how the rice trick works. Such a shame. :(

    1. I'm not holding out much hope for the rice- but it's all I've got. I'll definitely let you know if the Mac Gods shine their light upon me once again or if I am bound to using a terrible awful PC :(