Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My Dog Hates Everybody

I don't get it.  Look at this face:
How could THAT hate anyone, right?!  I have no idea!  When he was a puppy I took him everywhere.  He traveled to friend's homes, to the pet store, around town... wherever I was allowed to bring his adorable face, that looked more like this at that time.

But now, he hates people.  Well it's not like he wants to bite people, but he prefers "strangers" not to touch him.  Look at him from a distance- ok.  Try to touch him- no way!  He doesn't discriminate against gender, ethnicities or body types.  He just hates everyone.

Once he's warmed up to you and gets to know you however, then you may be asking me to remove him from the room because he's all up in your grill.  And thinking about it logically, it kind of makes sense.  He wants to get to know people before he lets them touch him.  Isn't this the case for (most- non-slutty) humans too?  Like if some chick just walked up to me and said "oh hey there Shannon, your mom suggested I say hi" and then touched me or hugged me, I may be a bit put off.  Actually I know I'd be weirded out.  I'm not a super touchy-feely gal to begin with.  But get someone I don't know touching me, and I'm just not ok with that.

But the expectations for dogs are different. It's kind of like kids.  Parents always tell their kids, "don't talk to strangers" and "don't go with strangers", yet they briefly introduce them to people like their day care supervisors, distant relatives or friends of theirs and then expect the children to "play nice" and sometimes accept a hug from them.  This must mess with their minds.  And after considering it for some time, this is pretty much what I'm asking my adorable and lovely dog to do.

So, no more Hudson.  I will ensure you are properly introduced and have time to adjust to the people I bring into your life before asking you to let them touch you.  You readers may think I'm crazy for addressing part of this post to my dog, because most animals can't read.  But I want you all to know, my dog is advanced for his age. :)

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