Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hey Hey Anybody Listening? Hey Hey Anybody Care?

Brandon made some big gaming decisions this week.  And unfortunately one of the decisions was the download a new computer multi player, World of Warcraft type, game and not order two other Xbox games he had on pre-order.  While it sounds like a better trade off, one game in place of two other games, the game of choice is intense and lengthy.  As in... there is no real ending.

At least the Xbox games have an end to the storyline.  They have a goal to reach and then when it's achieved it sort of loses it's luster.  While there is still "free play", tournaments and playing against your friends online, it's just not the same time commitment.  However, the game he is now playing, Guild Wars 2 (because #1 just is so last year), has no ending.  It's just like World of Warcraft.  In fact when I look at the screen it brings me back to these days, and these days, and these days (among many others).  It looks nearly identical.  Of course, if I was playing it (hahahahahaha) I'm sure I would see the differences.  But I just have to listen to the same grungy "monster" voices ("hey I can't restock this until we get more in"), the mythical background music (that's who keeps the flute players employed!), and the common battle with loud outbursts every now and then by Brandon, "agh! so stupid!" or "look at those little raccoons hanging out on the side of the road".

Other then these sporadic comments, he doesn't say much... or listen much.  Just as with WoW, I've lost his attention.  Sometimes I will ask him a question, or make a comment, and it's like I'm talking to the desk he's sitting at.  "ummm, hello? Brandon?"  Nope.  He's gone.  He's immersed in the game world.  I'm fairly certain he thinks he's a part of that world now... or I don't know how else to explain his new horns he's been wearing around the house.

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