Monday, 22 October 2012

You Don't Miss What You Don't Have

Since moving out of our apartment in April of this year, all of my things (besides mandatory, everyday items like toiletries) have been inside boxes. Big boxes, little boxes, brown boxes, white boxes.

By the time we move into our purchased home, my items will have been in boxes for more than a year. And at the 6 month mark, this month, I can tell you I haven't really missed many of those items. Naturally, some of the items just aren't needed right now but will be when we move out of our parents' homes again, like kitchen supplies and cookware. But then there are the items that are just my...stuff. You know, to fill up space.

A couple of times I have thought about watching a DVD and remembered they're all packed away, and not easily accessible for watching just once. But most of the times I wanted to watch those movies I was able to find them on Netflix or online. Every once in a while I wasn't, and guess what? I survived! I didn't turn into a toad, melt away or even get upset. It just was just that- I couldn't watch it and that was ok. My life these days is so busy anyhow, working 3 jobs, I don't have much leisure time to be watching movies. So in all reality, I likely saved myself some procrastination moments by not having the DVDs at the ready.

I think some of the only things I've truly missed, are my books. I have a lot of books. A lot. It may be an obsession. But I love learning. And most of my books are non-fiction. My friends tend to be surprised by this, that I spend my "free time" reading about non-fiction items like money management, marketing techniques, horse training, making connections to others and being successful and happy. I do have some fiction books, but they tend to be few and far between.
So, my books really are my only items I can recall nearly each one by name and I miss them. I miss looking at them, picking them up, flipping through the pages and arranging them in ways that are both visually appealing and functional. I just keep reminding myself, it's only a matter of time before they will be free to line the shelves of our new home.

I'm sure opening the boxes when we move will be a bit like Christmas, finding items we forgot we had. And at that time I may decide many of the items locked up in all those boxes, really aren't necessary at all. Then I'll host a garage sale and you can all come buy my stuff I don't want anymore!

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