Friday, 12 October 2012

And so it's official...

... ding-dong the Mac is dead.

This past Monday was a day I had been waiting for, for the past 2 weeks.  After what I'm now referring to as "the water incident" (you can read about that here), my new, shiny and lovely MacBook Pro is... *sigh* dead.  It turns on but the reaction time is beyond slow. Slower than my old MacBook from 8 years ago... Sllllllllllooooooow as a snail on roofies.

It makes me so sad, because I waited so long to get that computer, dealing with the slow death of my old one.  And now it will be gone.  Totally a first world problem- but having to use Brandon's PC laptop is super lame. He tells me I'm Apple brainwashed, but that's not true, I just know products I like and I'm loyal to them.  Apple- are you sure you don't want to send me a brand new MacBook Pro?!

So my plights to the Mac God will continue... until I have enough money to purchase a new one.

In other news, we got our new car.
Whatever you want to classify it is- it's a Hyundai Santa Fe.

Let's be real here and acknowledge the fact that it's a 2008 used Santa Fe, but we feel so luxurious in it.  It's just a general "working-man's" vehicle, but it's kind of high end in that category. Plus anything would be considered luxurious compared to my plastic Saturn.  Plastic and styrofoam that is. Oh yes, folks, my front bumper was made purely of styrofoam- which is why I assume, my little Saturn that could turned into squished plastic.

Brandon and I kind of feel like rich adults driving it. You know how when you're in your twenties and you don't quite yet feel like a "real" adult? This seems to be a younger generation thing, because our parents were all married and had us kids by our age, so I suppose they already felt like "real adults". But this car kind of cements that getting older, more mature and more responsible feeling.

We drive around feeling rich. Sitting in our heated leather seats (didn't you know the rich have warm bums?), sunroof open, a real stereo with FIVE speakers playing Mumford & Sons from all angles of the vehicle, with a CD player and real heat and air conditioning...that works! It's the life of royalty I assure you.

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