Saturday, 13 October 2012

Titillating Trailers

Have you ever been forced to watch video game commercials or trailers?  No?  Is that because you don't have a special man in your life?

Everytime a new video game is coming out- and for those that aren't aware, prime time is in the fall between September and November (something I never thought I would know)- Brandon is watching a new trailer.  If you've seen them, you know the formula.

Soft, sweet, quite possibly older music (say "Amazing Grace" style) starts the trailer off.  You watch thinking, "oh how nice, what game is this? Pioneer Living?" and then there's a sudden drop in bass.  It's probably a large drum to start and does a steady and slow beat.  Until... BAM!  Guns are shooting, people are yelling, fighting is happening!  The trailer turns from lovely to a massacre in 15 seconds!  It's no longer of interest to you (ok, me) because it's so violent and crazy, you've (alright, fine- I've) seen it all before.  Maybe it's about zombies, or war or fictional 7 horsemen characters.

Let me show you some examples:



And then there's this fun video... much more my style!

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