Friday, 5 October 2012

Why my fiance is better than your fiance!

Last week while Brandon was working, he sent me an email.  From Groupon.  Do you know what Groupon is? It's a super fun online coupon and discount website that provides all sorts of deals each week for items, events and places in your area.  Brandon has since become nearly addicted to Groupon. And I'll allow it since the deals are pretty exceptional.

Anyhow, the email he sent me wasn't of something he wanted to buy, but instead it was something he had "bought" me!  It was a donation to West Place Animal Sanctuary.  What?! So sweet!

Shortly after he sent that he messaged me again and said, "I think we should donate to a charity or organization every payday. We could pick a new one each time, researching each one to make sure it's legit and worthy."  I think at this point my heart melted out of my chest and slipped onto the floor.  After I picked it up and put it back in my chest we talked about how we could make this small donation each payday, which wouldn't have a huge impact on our budget yet could make a significant impact on those we donate to.

This week, Brandon chose Great Danes Friends of Ruff Love. It's an organization for Great Danes who have special needs and are hard to be adopted out. Being such large dogs, with some unique conditions it makes these dogs unappealing to many, the donations collected by them go towards helping to provide the care to the dogs and possibly education for new owners.

Tell me Rufus isn't adorable?!

We're going to continue each payday to search out organizations and charities that deserve some extra money for some great causes! They don't all have to be animal centred- though we are animal lovers.  But there are lots of deserving charities out there!  So we're on the lookout.

Do you have a charity you enjoy giving to? 

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