Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What your slippers really say about you

We've all heard them, "what does your dog's breed say about you?", "what the colour of your room means", "Want to find out just who you are?".  The quizzes that promise to tell you all about you!

Do you seriously need a silly magazine/online quiz to explain things?  I mean, sure, it's fun to do those things to waste some time when you're supposed to be doing dishes and cleaning the house.  But I wonder how many people are truly interested what their favourite brand of toothpaste really does say about them?  Are there people out there who actually give merit to these quizzes with, I'm sure, very little thought put into creating them?  I hope not.  But if you do, simply send 3 easy payments of $12.95 to me and I will send you a booklet full of them, and you can find out exactly who you really are...because I know.  Solely based on your choices.

How could anyone know anything about me based on my name?  I didn't pick it, my parents did- does this mean they knew I'd be stubborn and unstable?! Hmmmm...

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