Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Oh Baby, I just can't stand another lonely night... Save me from another lonely night

There hasn't been a new video game on the scene, well at least in our lives, for some time.  Sure there was some dabbling in "Gotham City Imposters"- an online first shooter XBox Arcade game.  But there was no end or real goals besides XBox "chievers", points and levels.  Boooooooring!

Though my false hope had me thinking that would be all until Chirtmas, deep down I knew it couldn't be.  Deep down I knew there would come a day when the next big video game showed up and took over Brandon's life.  That day has come, folks.  Let me introduce you to the new member of our family...well at least that's how much time it takes up, you'd think it was.

Darksiders 2

Collector's Edition, of course!  Would we have it any other way?  Ask me how much I love the extra empty box that takes up otherwise useful storage space, and the extra toy collectible that adorns the shelves.  Words cannot express my feelings towards these things.  So I just won't try.

What else does this game bring, besides constant love and hours of entertainment?  Hours of loneliness.  And talking to myself...unintentionally, of course. 

Me: "Brandon let's discuss the wedding menu." 
Brandon: ......

Me: "What should we have for dinner?"
Brandon: ......

Me: "Hey, look I'm naked!"
Brandon: ......

See the theme?  No, me neither.

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