Monday, 27 August 2012

Waving Signs Work!

A few weeks ago Brandon and I were coming home from a full day of appointments and errands.  We wanted to stop for some quick food because one of us had to go to work afterwards.  Our initial plan was to head to A&W.  Simple, cheap and easy- like a small town hooker. 

As I'm driving along and we're talking, he screams "PITAS!!!!!".  We enjoy pitas, but I was a bit startled as to why he was yelling it in the middle of our conversation.  I'm all for a good party and sometimes raising your voice is necessary, but at that particular moment I wasn't entirely sure why he was yelling.

I then realized it was because of one of those poor teenagers holding those poorly made signs advertising for a restaurant or fast food place.  You know the ones.  With the kids walking up and down the side of the street, shaking their signs unenthusiastically, with their headphones on looking as bored as a senior at a social networking convention.  There he was- that teenager holding a sign that said "PITAS, PITAS, PITAS!".  Well no wonder Brandon was yelling!

We much prefer pitas so we made a sharp turn into the plaza, and enjoyed our lunch.

The moral of the story is that those unenthusiastic kids are worth their minimum wage salary because we have visited that pita shop twice since then.

Which makes me wonder further, what if those restaurants employed a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man?!

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