Monday, 29 April 2013

Toronto Wildlife Are Fearless

On my walk to work everyday I see wildlife. Well, I use that term loosely because when I think of wildlife (from my time spent on farms, in the country and even in the ravine of my hometown) I think of coyotes, deer etc.. This wildlife consists of pigeons and squirrels mostly.

But I have started to realize, these animals are fearless! Just like all the other residents walking the streets, they don't move over for anyone! I think I played an unknowing game of chicken with a pigeon the other day. He totally won. Because I was afraid of what he could do to me if I didn't move. Have you seen those beaks? Those talons?! My side satchel and ballerina flats are no match to him.

The pigeons shuffle about the sidewalk and the squirrels rise up on their hind legs watching intently as people pass by.  Come to think of it, maybe they're just lazy?

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