Friday, 12 April 2013

And now I'm back- from outer space

Sup everyone?

Where have you been? I've missed you! Sorry for the extended absence, between planning the wedding, moving and getting our lives settled I've been crazy busy. Excuses aside, I was inspired and requested by someone to continue on with this blog. 

So what have you been up to? 

We've got our wedding all planned and ready to go for June. So you know, that's fun. And since this post where we had thought we made a decision to move to Fort Erie, well plans changed. Kinda drastically. We realized at this point we aren't financially prepared to be taking on a mortgage. Nor did we want to be that far away from our friends and family. And when we really sat down to discuss it, we wanted to be in Toronto. But downtown, none of this uptown business. Right in the thick of it. So we found a place in a great area where we are close to all shops and restaurants and most importantly, the subway is mere moments away. I's wonderfully convenient. So we're selling the car and doing the transit shuffle. I'm loving it! (sung to the tune of McDonald's similarly plagiarized jingle)

I've been here, with Hudson (whatup Hudson!), for about a month now and thriving. Working at a new store location, and currently working on getting my business up and running I'm thoroughly enjoying my new place. Not just the surroundings, but I'm really happy with the unit. Technically its a basement apartment, but it really doesnt feel much like a basement at all. 

Brandon is currently waiting for his work to transfer him to a store nearby, so he goes back and forth between our place in Toronto and his parrents'. It sucks and the nights can be lonely sometimes, but I know its only short term. It better only be short term. 'Cause I didn't sign up to be living alone. Get your butt down here, Brandon! 

Other than that, not much is new in our usual rockstar-inspired lives. We have a family vacation planned for the beginning of May- headed to Florida for some fun and sun. So we're looking forward to that and then it's basically just a month until the wedding. Things are flying by fast, but we have our seatbelts securely fastened and we're ready!

I'm hoping I can get back into the swing of writing posts on here, because I missed it- I missed y'all. (all 15 of you that read this, anyway) So stay tuned for some fun stories, Toronto living hijinxs and some rants about all these people downtown. You know I'm bound to run into some crazy people! :)

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